We were suppose to get our family pictures done this weekend but, Roman kept putting them off. So, I told him to forget it and we will do it some other time.
Well, yesterday, he told me to pick out our outfits for our photos next week. He knows how bad I want them done and said we will get them done this weekend. Super excited! Can’t wait to get them done!

I wanted to start Christmas shopping this week but, then, my car decided it needed a new radiator. It went out on us yesterday. We are getting it fixed Saturday. At least it’s a small fix and not a huge one like, it was last time.

My babies at the fair on Friday.  They loved it. Isaiah rode as many rides as he could and Jade loved the animals!

My babies at the fair on Friday. They loved it. Isaiah rode as many rides as he could and Jade loved the animals!

We made it a week with the kids sleeping in their own rooms! It’s so nice having all the room in our bed and getting to cuddle Roman. Jade does come in the room early morning and Roman is usually gone before, work which it doesn’t matter. Isaiah was a little harder to get to sleep in his room. He would cry and stand by our door way. Now, he goes in his bed like, a champ after, he gets a hug and kiss from me :) jade was super easy since, she sleels in her room during, the day and she never had a problem sleeping in her own bed. She slept in her own bed since, day one and never really liked sleeping with us until, I started putting her in our bed during, her wonder weeks and stuff.
But, I am super glad we have our bed to ourselves and I no longer get kicked in the face or have someone sleeping right where my legs are suppose to be.

Yesterday, was a very eventful day for us.
First, Jade had a doctors appointment. She weighs 22lbs and I don’t remeber her height. It’s on the paper they gave me. I’ll have to look at it later and come back to it. Doctor said she is going to be a short one though. Everything looks great! She got fluoride put on her teeth and a flu shot. Actually, we all got a flu shot. I thought it was funny that we go in for jade to get checked and we all walk out with a shot including, Isaiah lol. We have to get blood work done foe her. We go back when she turns two!
After, the doctors, we met with their great grandparent’s and went to the fair. Isaiah rode all the rides he could get on. He loved them all. Jade loved the petting zoo. She kept calling all the animals “doggies” lol. Around, 7pm, the kids and grandparent s took off. Roman and I got to stay awahile longer and walked around with his cousins. It was fun.
The kids were going to stay at their grandparent’s house but, all they did was cry so, I went and picked them up. It was okay since, I didn’t want them to stay over in the first place.
Once, we got home, we all went to bed and called it a night. I had a great 23rd birthday yestersay minus, the shot lol.

I’m in the mood to watch ‘The nightmare before, Christmas.’ So, I’m turning on Netflix and going to watch it.

Jade is hilarious!

Last night, I had the kids sleep in their rooms. Around, 6am, I hear Jade running in saying “eww” and she comes to my bed with her diaper half off. She was not liking the wet diaper lol. It didn’t even phase her that she was in her own room. She was to worried about her diaper being wet. I thought it was funny cause all I heard was her was yelling “eww” and I thought I was dreaming till I seen her trying to climb on my bed.
Once, her diaper was changed, she went back to sleep.

Some things

I am freaking tired. These kids sleep schedule is out of wack ever since, we moved into our house. I’m exhausted. They need to get on a decent schedule and out of our bed. That will be our next step.

Jade has been peeing in her potty every morning right when she wakes up :) I’m really proud of her! Look on her face when she sees pee in her potty is priceless lol to cute.

Birthday is on Friday! Jade has a doctor’s appointment and after, that we are going to the fair with their great grandma and cousins.

This weekend we are going to take family pictures. At least I hope so. Roman agreed to it but, who knows, things always change.

Cleaned the enitre house today and I am exhausted. I’m on my last load of laundry right now.

Dinner is cooked and now, I’m waiting for Roman to get home.

Jade went pee in her potty! She woke up dry from last night and I gave her a clean diaper. I nursed her and she still didn’t wet her diaper. So, I told her ” let’s go potty.” She sat down and went pee! I’m so proud of her!

Layaway started at walmart yesterday. I wrote out what i am getting the kids and my nephew’s for Christmas. I want to get Christmas shopping done soon as possible. I think I might go next week and to get it done. Christmas shopping is so, stressful and I never know what to get for people sometimes. I’d like to get it done and over with please.