I need to start stoking up on winter clothes for the kids and myself. I need to make sure the winter clothes Isaiah does have still fit him. Jade was little so, I know none of her winter clothes fit. Ugh, it’s hard keeping up with kids and clothing. They grow to dang fast. I usually buy clothes bigger then their original size so, they can grow into them. For some reason I didn’t do it last year. I drew a blank when I looked for clothes. Darn kids need to stop growing like weeds.

Our weekend was very eventful!
On Saturday, we went to a birthday party for the kid’s cousin. They got to swim and play in the water. We had some yummy food as well. After, the party, the kids went to their great grandparent’s house and stayed the night. Roman, his cousin, and I went to watch the ‘Gardians of the Galaxy.’ It was funny and good. I’d recommend seeing it.
Once the movie was over, we went to in-n-out and went home.
On Sunday, we got up early and picked up the kids from their great grandparents house. Roman’s cousin invited us to go this farm with her and her little family. We got to pet aniamls, play on this big jumping pillow, pick some fruit, and ride on a hay ride. It was really fun but, hot! The kids enjoyed it a lot. By the end of th day, we were all tired and ready to go home and relax. I had a lot of fun this weekend.

Yay! Gor the kids and now we are going to take them to a family farm! Roman’s cousin invited us to go. I’m excited!

Waiting for Roman to get out of the bathroom so, we can pick up the kids. They stayed the night at their great grandparents house. We went to go see a movie and it ended really late. It was nice having time away but, I miss them a lot. I was expecting them to stay the night at their grandparents or seeing a movie after, the birthday party we went too. It was fun but, I didn’t sleep much becausr I missed them. Roman needs to hurry up! I’m ready to go get my babies.

Tonight the kids and I are going yo stay home. I just want to relax and spend sometime with the kids. I’m also exhausted from going to bed late because we get home late from being at out friends. I like going over but, I just wanna relax tonight. Dinner is already made for the night.

A little update since I have a couple mins to myself

Let’s see…

Got thr car back last week. It works wonders including, the ac.

We are at our friends house every night. Roman and my friends boyfriend work out. It’s going good.

They did a bbq on Saturday. It was fun. We ate ans drank a little.

I have decided to start weaning jade from the breast. I’m over breastfeeding. She will be 17 months in a week and I’m just done. The weaning process is going good. She gets the breast once in the morning and once before bed. We cut it out at naptime. I’m taking baby steps with it and it’s going good. She doesn’t even ask for it during the day anymore. I have to give soy milk to her because regular milk makes her throw up. All in all it’s going good.

I am getting Isaiah ready for kindergarten next year. We are working on shapes, numbers, colors, and the ABCs.

Um, I finally unpacked every box we haf in our garage. Now we park my car in it.

Roman’s cousin moved in with us 3 weeks ago. It’s cool. I just wish I can live with my husband without someone always living with us.

Everything has been going good and I’m happy the way life is going. And thats all I been up to recently. Nothing exciting. Just busy.

After, my car being in the shop for 3 weeks, we are finally going to pick it up today. I’m so freaking happy. Roman wanta to get the windows tinted but, we are going to wait for the weekend to do it. We got the AC, breaks, and motor fixed. So, it’s good enough for now.

Jade is something else I tell ya. I’m feeding her some yogurt and a little bit fell on her foot. She is sitting right next to me so, grabs the shirt im wearing and tries wiping it off her foot lol. I looked at her and said excuse me are you trying to use my shirt to wipe your foot off? She looks at me and says “huh?” Lol, this girl is something else.

I’ve been M.I.A for a bit. Ever since, our friends and us started talking again, we been hanging out a lot. Friday, we went over and Roman got a hair cut. We stayed until 2am that night. Yesterday, we went over ans the guys all worked out while, the girls made dinner. It was good. Tonight, we are going over again so, the guys can work out. Alex and I plan on cooking fish. And, since, she has kids as well, the kids keep each other busy while, we cook. I’m having a really good time with them. I’m glad we are all friends again.

So, earlier today I had wrote about wanting to write an old friend of mine. Well, I did and she wrote back. We got to texting and they came over a few hours later! I had so much fun catching up. Our kids played around the house. The guys were happy to see each other. It was like a romance that rekindled lol. I’m really glad I wrote her. It’s nice to have a friend again.