A few mins ago, the kids were outside playing and a dog had barked and it sounded really close. So I walked outside and our neighbors puppy got into our yard. The kids played with it for a bit. The mommy dog was trying to squeeze through the same hole but couldn’t fit. After, they played with the puppy for awhile, I put it back through the hole it came through. When, I was doing it Isaiah said “no, that’s our puppy.” I told him, “no, he isn’t. The puppy needs to go home.” Both, Isaiah and jade didn’t want him to leave.
I want to get the kids a dog so, bad but, Roman won’t let us. Isaiah always asks if we can have a dog. I’d get them one in a heart beat if I could. Maybe, next year, we can get a dog for the kids.

Yay! Roman is on his way home. I missed him like, crazy. I’m sure the kids will be happy to see him too. He should be home around 8 becausw it’s a five hour drive from where he is at. It has been a long week and I can’t wait till he gets home.

That was lovely. I just spent 30mins cleaning out ants from Isaiah’s room. I couldn’t believe how many there was in his room. There was a trail leading from our hall closet to his room because of all the crumbs on the floor. It wasn’t the black ants either; it was the red one. It sucked but, I got them all out while, getting bit in the process. I told him he isn’t allowed to bring snacks in his room anymore. I also, hate when, the weather changes because all the bugs move inside the house. They need to stay outside where they belong.

I think it’s so, cute and funny when Jade calls Roman “bubba.” I’m not even sure where she got that from. Actually, I think she is trying to say “baybay” since, that’s what isaiah calls Roman sometimes. Jade was calling him “daddy” for the longest time and now, she calls him “bubba.” We were looking at pictures and I had one up of me and Roman when I was pregnant and she says “bubba!”
At least, I’m still mommy lol. Isaiah use to call me “datha” but, I broke that habit and now, he calls me mommy.

I think I am going to print out pictures and put them in the frames to hang up. I still have no idea where to out them even though our wall are pretty much bare. I only have pictures by our computer desk hung up and it would look funny trying to squeeze the other ones on that same wall. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Aw hell, both, kids are awake and it’s 10pm. Jade woke up at 8pm and Isaiah just woke up. Looks like it’s going to be a long night for us. Bring on the caffeine I guess.

Today, started off really rough but, ended in a great night. Both, kids are asleep and it’s only 7:30. Jade went to sleep at 5 for a nap and she is still asleep but, I’m sure she will wake up soon. Isaiah just fall asleep and he will down for the night. So, I’m just going to sit in my room, eat some yogurt, watch some tv, and enjoy the peace and quiet.

It’s only Monday and I already want Roman to come home. The kids are driving me nuts. It doesn’t help that I am in a bad mood because of the lack of sleep I got last night. Jade didn’t get to sleep till 2:30am and when, I was falling asleep Roman’s alarm went off and it scared me. I was up when he left for work and I didnt get to sleep until, 5am. I am dead tired. This week is going to be a long week.

Jade kept saying “gross” and I thought she was saying “ghost.” It was kind of freaking me out and I just ignored her. Then, she said “gross” while, showing me her hand. She had a fruit bar smooshed in her hand. Yeah, I need to get to bed. It’s to late for this stuff.

Man, thanks to Roman’s loud self, he woke jade up. She was asleep in her room at 10pm and I told him to stop being loud. Her room is right by the living room and Roman kept laughing and making jokes with his cousin. She was asleep for an hour and he woke her up. It’s now, 1:35am and she wont go to sleep. All she wants to do is play and keeps messing around. I’m ready for bed but, I have to wait till she is asleep. Well, the only good thing about her being awake is she gets to say bye to her dad since, he will be gone for a week.