Our new dryer came today and it’s all hooked up. They took our old one which, is awesome! I started a load of laundry since we need our towels washed. It’s going to be nice having a dryer that works. Yay! For working dryer.

They are growing up way to fast!

They are growing up way to fast!

Man, my dry broke while, I was doing laundry. It was given to us by Roman’s boss when we moved into our house. The first time I used it it wasn’t getting hot and our clothes would come out damp. I told Roman about it and he said I had it on the wrong setting. I changed it to the time dry and it would get hot. So, I just brushed it off. Well, today, I was doing clothes and it didn’t dry them at all. I was pissed. I have all our clothes hung up and drying around our house. I kept telling Roman if he listen to me the first time, I wouldn’t be having to hang our stuff up. Tomorrow, when Roman gets off work, we are going to buy a dryer. We could of avoided this if he just listen to me the first time!

Today, I made chicken enchiladas, rice, and beans. It was my frist time making the rice and chicken enchiladas by myself. I usually just make cheese enchiladas but, Roman wanted chicken in them. I even called Roman’s grandma to ask how she makes her chicken lol. It turned out really good. I just need to learn how to make the rice better since it was my first time making mexican rice.
I’m trying to make different dinners besides, the same stuff I make every week. I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone and learn to make something different. So, far it’s going good.

Painted jade’s toe nails before, she went to sleep. I let her choose her color and she picked pink. She smiled the whole time I did them and laughed when I blew her nails to dry. Now, she is fast asleep.

I was in my room laying in bed while, jade and Roman were in the living room. Isaiah had fell asleep in his room. Jade had went into Isaiah’s room and was playing with the toys. A few miniutes gone by and I noticed jade was really quiet. I get up and I see jade laying half off and half on isaiah’s bed. She fell asleep trying to lay next to him. It was cute. I wish I got a picture of it but, I didn’t. I ended up taking her to her room but, she woke up and didn’t want to lay I there. She ended up staying awake after, I nursed her.


Jade took a poop in the shower while, we were in there. She turned around and said “Caca.” Ugh, it was gross.

swimming was fun. I want to go again soon.

Isaiah has already informed me that he wants be woody for Halloween.

Christmas is months away and I already started writing a christmas list for everyone. I want to get things on layaway once it opens in spetember.

Every time I open my front door, there is a big frog and baby frog sitting on the porch. It scars me Every time, even though, I know they are sitting there.

Yup, I’m slightly bored right now.

I took the kids and my brother to the pool today. It was really fun. Isaiah loved it. He swam everywhere and was just really excited to be there. Jade was scared at first but, towards the end she loved it. We were there for two hours! I can’t wait to take them again.

Jade is a weird one. She sees Isaiah put on underwear so, she goes to his dresser and gets herself a pair of his underwear to put on. Can’t wait till she learns to use the potty.

Jade is a weird one. She sees Isaiah put on underwear so, she goes to his dresser and gets herself a pair of his underwear to put on. Can’t wait till she learns to use the potty.

Tomorrow, my brother and I are going to take the kids to the water park. It’s more like a community pool with two big slides and spary toys. I been wanting to take the kids and I’m finally going to get to do it! I’m excited. Roman is going fishing so, he isn’t going to come. Isaiah is going to have a blast. I can’t wait to see his face when, we go. Last time, we went he just turned one years old and he loved it. It’s going to be fun!