I actually woke up to Roman’s cousin cleaning the living room instead, of sleeping. He never really cleans only takes out the trash. He stays up all night and sleeps all day. So, this is a first. Now, I only have to clean the kitchen. What an awesome day this is goin to be.
Also, its October 1st! Halloween month! Super excited and realizing that this year is almost over. Yikes! Where did the year go?


I asked jade for a kiss and she gave me one. Then, she said “my minnie” and put her to my lips to give it a kiss. It was to cute!

I started taking these multivitamins and I been feeling great. I was originally going to get some iron pills since, I misplaced them when we moved into our house. But, Roman told me to get a multivitamin since, he knows I don’t take or eat things I’m suppose to. I’m really glad he told me to get them. My energy level as gone up. I took the kids pictures today that I kept saying Im going to do. I Don’t feel as exhausted as I use to. It’s nice and I love it!

When, jade is sitting next to me I always put her hair behind her ear. Now, she’ll stop what she is doing and ask for me to fix her hair. She says “mommy, mommy! Hair” while, she points to her ear.
It’s crazy how quick she picks things up. Yeah, she has Isaiah to learn things from but, still.
Last night, she was yelling at me saying “let see, let see!” I had took my phone from her. Every day, she is learning something new and it’s mind blowing!

Jade was having the biggest melt down ever because we wouldn’t let her have her Minnie mouse that she is extremely attached to.
We were in the bathroom and she dropped her Minnie mouse in the toilet. She was trying to sit her down to pretend her baby was using the potty and it feel in. Both, Roman and I gave her another Minnie mouse but, she wasn’t having it. She cried even harder. After, awhile, she settled down. She has her Minnie mouse blanket that she is also, attched too.
Tomorrow, when we get up I’ll have to wash her baby. Why kids get attched to something that you can’t find in stores or is a gift is beyond me. She keeps asking for it but, I can’t give it to her until, I wash it.

Isaiah is excited for Halloween. Today, while jade was sleeping,  we made cookies and he got to wear a pumpkin mask cut out from the back of the box.

Isaiah is excited for Halloween. Today, while jade was sleeping, we made cookies and he got to wear a pumpkin mask cut out from the back of the box.

Every month, I go through the phase that I want another baby. But, then, the kids do something to piss me off or something that I can’t belive they just done. And, think nevermind, I want my tubes tied and birth control. Two kids is enough for me.

The kids and I was having a bad morning. We all got up and I got the kids something to eat. Then, the crying and fighting started. Jade wouldn’t stop getting into the cupboard that I had the plastic forks and spoons in. Isaiah was crying over the tv being changed. Kids fighting over toys and a bag of crackers. They were driving me nuts! They spilt my coffee while, I was cleaning.
I ended up sending them to their rooms so, I can finish up cleaning and to collect myself. It gets overwhelming when, your the only who cleans the house and takes care of the kids all the time.
After, collecting myself I figured what was wrong. We all went to bed late due to being out late. We haven’t gone to be late in awhile so, that put a rough start to our day. At least they are happy now and not fighting anymore. They are playing in Isaiah’s room.

Last night, it was really windy and I loved it. We all sat outside and enjoyed the wind. I’m not one who likes the cold very much but, I’m excited the summer is going. I was getting tired of the hot weather. I’m hoping we get aome rain. Haven’t had a thunderstorm in a long time.

Now, that the kids sleep in their own rooms. They go to bed at a decent time and wake up at a decent time. It’s lovely! I’m still trying to get to bed a decent time since, I’m use to staying up late. I’m usually grouchy but, I’ll eventually, get use to this sleep schedule. At least, it’s nice getting alone time with Roman and such.